What We Do

Rockfall Mitigation


Rock Scaling

Our team removes loose, potentially unstable material off difficult to access slopes and roadsides. Harnessed and suspended by ropes, we use pry bars, air pillows, and other mechanical means to safely remove the material.


Rockfall Barriers

In certain rockfall hazard situations where it may not be practical to install rockfall mesh, ALC can install rockfall catch fences which can be used to safely intercept and stop falling rocks and boulders from the slope above.


Cable Net & Wire Mesh

Made of woven steel wire and metallic ropes rockfall mesh can be used as a passive drapery system that guides material to a trench as it is released.


Rock Bolts

Access Limited Construction drills and installs bolts for stabilizing rock excavations. The bolts transfer the load from the unstable exterior of the rock or slope, to the confined (and much stronger) interior of the rock mass.



Shotcrete is a cement and small aggregate which is pneumatically applied onto a slope surface used as a rockfall mitigation tool mainly for the prevention of weathering, erosion, and spalling of rock slopes.


Slope Monitoring Systems

For certain jobs, we install instrumentation that aid engineers and geologist to monitor and better understanding the slope conditions. Using instrumentation ranging from inclinometers, extensometers,  and instrumented rock bolts, we are able to provide complete slope monitoring systems.


Rope Access Works

Our team is highly trained and skilled in all types of rope access. Using state of the art OSHA approved equipment, we are able to safely access the most challenging areas to complete any job.


Boulder Breaking

When large boulders have fallen or been removed from the slope, our team uses power tools and equipment to assist in a safe and controlled removal from the area.


Debris Flow Barrier

Similar to a rockfall barrier fence, our specialty designed debris flow barriers control slower moving flows, such as those found in mud runoff slides, which continue to add stress to the system as the mud and debris build-up.


Shallow Landslide Systems

Shallow landslide barriers are used on a slope where no channel is present, and the uppermost material is prone to sliding. These slides can often result in road closures and property damage if not controlled.

Slope Stabilization


Steep Slope Erosion Control

We construct systems to help control heavy erosion on steep slopes in difficult to access areas using a variety of techniques and systems.


Retaining Walls & Abutments

When roadsides or bridges encroach upon a hillside, we can design and construct retaining walls to hold the lateral force of the soil to prevent heavy erosion or slides.


Debris Cleanup

Our fleet of dozers, earth movers, and trucks can quickly cleanup and debris from landslides or rockfall from roads or difficult to access areas.


Landslide Remediation

If a landslide occurs, Access Limited Construction is prepared to quickly cleanup the debris and secure the slope so a future slide is prevented.

Difficult Access Drilling


Ropework Drilling

Our highly skilled team is specialty trained on rope-work drilling to quickly access places mechanical drills can not reach.


Spyder Rig Drilling

There is almost nowhere this rig can’t get to. Our Spyder can easily be deployed to drill on high angle slopes or difficult terrain.


Remote Access Drilling

In locations where normal equipment can’t get to, our Spyder or custom drill rigs can be deployed.


Purpose-Built Drill Rigs

Access Limited Construction fabricates custom drills for a variety of tasks including drilling on vertical rock faces.

Emergency Work


Quick Mobilization

Do to the nature of rockfall and landslide events, our team is ready to move at a moments notice and quickly mobilizes for a project.


Hazard Mitigation

Even after small rockfall events, there may be newly uncovered hazards such as a large boulder that needs to be removed, or damage to a rockfall barrier. Our team can quickly assess the problem and mitigate the hazard.


Road Cleanup

We are quick to get roads cleaned up and traffic directed safely around the affected area.


Landside Removal

After a large landslide event, our dozers, earth movers, and trucks can quickly remove the landslide material offsite.